Campaign Update and Keeping Safe

Dear Friend,

We hope that you are keeping well and negotiating the restrictions that COVID-19 have imposed upon us as well as can be expected. 

It’s hard to believe that less than two months ago we were hopeful that talks between parties would lead to government formation sooner rather than later, a lot has changed in the interim due to this pandemic. 

This lockdown has been hard on all of us. A lot of our community who suffer from low level anxiety at the best of time have found it extremely difficult. 

If you need to talk, please join our Adoptee Support Circle through the Aitheantas Facebook page. We are here to listen and support. 

A reminder also that our fundraiser is still active. This is to raise funds to have the results of our survey complied into a report. A report on Adoptees opinions & views combined with examples of the impacts of adoption on Adoptees health and that of their families is the next step in our campaign to highlight this issue and push for reform. 

Even though we are an unfunded group, this is the first time we have had to fundraise for any aspect of our campaign. All our other initiatives, such as our supporting council motions, our petition, lobbying has been done on a volunteer basis and with the assistance of groups who are supporting our campaign.

Unfortunately, in order to do this right and to illustrate properly the many unknown effects and impacts of adoption we need to raise funds to do so. 

Please give what you can to support this very worthy, and necessary, fundraiser. 

If you have not contributed to our survey as of yet and would like to, there is still time to do so.  If you are the child of an Irish born Adoptee or the spouse/partner of an adoptee you can also complete our survey.

If you are a supporter of our campaign and are not an adoptee – you can still help by completing our survey of people who are not adoptedPlease note if you are the spouse/partner of an adoptee or the child of an adoptee but are not adopted yourself you can also complete this survey. 

Our newsletter has been delayed until after the COVID-19 pandemic. Our group and group supports are still active on Facebook and Twitter, messaging and direct messaging are always open. 

Due to the increased on line activity due to the pandemic lockdown a lot of our members have reported increased, targeted, vitriol on line. Please note that our Adoptee Support Net on Twitter is a block list we specifically designed to protect our members. Please avail of it if this is becoming an issue for you.

As hard as things might be for everyone at the moment, we can get through this. We need to focus on what is important, our own health and well-being and that of our families. 

Please heed Government advice, stay home and stay safe and follow safety guidelines.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Maree & the Aitheantas team

This was sent to our supporters in an email on the 4th of May 2020. If you want to receive email updates and stay connected with the campaign, please click here to be redirected to our newsletter sign-up page. Please note that if you have already signed our petition and opted in to receive emails, you should be already receiving these emails.

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